Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cut Back On Cleaning Supplies

When I really sit and think about we spend WAY too much money per month on cleaning supplies ! I have decided this will be one of the areas that we cut back drastically ( I have all kinds of unused cleaning products in my bathroom cupboards, I buy one product to try it and then forget I have it and buy another ) The best way to clean is the way my gran does it - windows and mirrors get VINEGAR & WATER ( at around $1.99 for a big jug its a great deal ! ). And bathrooms get bleach ( which is very cheap, although the smell always throws me off ). I still have to have my vices though like the Febreeze ( that stuff is the ultimate for stinky fabrics including my dogs bed ), name brand dishwasher & laundry detergent and all those sorts of things. I have to keep some of the finer things in life even if I am on a tight budget ;)

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